Saint Bernard Historical Databases
Researched Back to 1879

Please note that a few of these files are very large, and may take several seconds to open online, depending on your internet service.   If you were to download files, keep in mind these files are updated monthly and you will need to update your downloads from time-to-time to be current.

The Archive’s databases are compiled from all the American Kennel Club (AKC) GAZETTES & AWARDS, plus AKC monthly Reports.  Please keep in mind the “current” information published is always about one month behind a show or title date.  The new AKC Reports arrive on a monthly basis and the databases are updated monthly.  All databases reflect the different AKC and SBCA venues as they pertain to Saint Bernards.

To view the databases broken down by the year, visit the Years Past. To see who accomplished a breed First, check out the Breed Firsts.  Also, the breed records may be viewed in the Breed Records.  A wealth of information is just a click away!   To view a past AKC GAZETTE article featuring the Saint Bernard National Archives and Hall of Fame, click here.

*We are in the process of assembling a complete set of AKC GAZETTES for the Saint Bernard National Archives’ Library.  If you know where we might find our missing issues, please notify me at

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Databases for Review

The electronic reports are from the AKC Records Department and where we publish the shows/trials/tests from January 1st through December 31st.

Data published in the Reports runs about one month behind an actual show or title date.
To view databases broken down by the year for years past and current year, visit the Years Past

AKC Versatile Companion Dog Titles

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AKC Virtual Home Manners

AKC Virtual Home Manner Titles – 2020 (first year) to date